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    DragonRising Publishing's Top Twenty...
    Big Ted's Guide to Tapping by Alex Kent & Jen Smith
    c primer plus 下载 Turn negative emotions into positive ones with  BIG Ted's Guide to Tapping . Join the loveable BIG Ted as he guides you and your child through the near miraculous Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
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    Energy EFT (Book & Video) by Silvia Hartmann
    ncert 9th science textbook free Silvia Hartmann, chair of The AMT, takes Gary Craig's classic EFT to the next level with this wonderfully comprehensive book that is as absolute must-buy for anyone interested in energy and its use turning negative emotions into positive ones. All emotions can be worked with including...
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    Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann
    los de abajo mariano azuela resumen New for 2013,  Positive EFT is THE ANTIDOTE to depression, anxiety, stress, temper tantrums, low energy, misery, impatience, indecision, confusion and feeling helpless, hopeless, powerless and alone. Positive EFT makes introducing EFT into an easy and thoroughly enjoyable, upliftng experience....
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    AMT13 Recordings
    r plot multiple pages Recordings from the 2013 EFT & Energy Conference, with speakers including Silvia Hartmann, Jimmy Petruzzi, Susan Kennard, Mark Robertson, Reto Wyss and many more. These recordings are currently only available for Conference Delegates, but keep an eye on the news page, as there might be...
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    Excel at Sports by Jimmy Petruzzi
    armonia herrera Elite athletes know that there is as little as 1% difference between being the best, and being at the back of the field. Excel at Sports by Jimmy Petruzzi is a simple, concise and ground-breaking guide to NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and other techniques that can give you that extra 1%,...
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    Tapping For Kids by Angie Muccillo
    salir de la sociedad de consumo “Tapping For Kids” is an EFT Children’s book designed to teach 7-11 year olds how to use EFT as a tool to help them overcome their fears, worries and everyday traumas as well as build their self-esteem. Tapping For Kids is a perfect gift for any children in your life! Tapping for Kids is now...
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    Energy EFT Bookmark
    gibbons a primer in game theory This bookmark is the perfect accompaniment to Energy EFT by Silvia Hartman, featuring the full “heart & soul” tapping points on the front and a handy SUE scale on the back. Buy 10+ to give to your clients and save 50%.
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    EmoTrance by Silvia Hartmann
    himmelblau balance de materia y energia A Brand New Book For The Next Decade: Powerful information every person on this Earth needs to hear about. Ten years of EmoTrance in theory and practice have taught us so much about energy, how it works with human emotion but also with thought and behaviour. In this brand new book you find the...
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    The Rich & Healthy Witch
    the scarlet letter file The Essential Survival Guide For Magical People, The Rich & Healthy Witch is a powerful book, packed full of wisdom and practical advice for people who are "other than" - other than the other kids at school, other than the other members of their families, and this OTHERNESS sets them apart,...
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    The Catalyst Of Power by Jon Whale
    active directory domain services The Catalyst of Power by Jon Whale, leading researcher in electronic energy medicine, is an extraordinary and unique book. It not only takes the form of a challenge to conventional medical practices but also gives each individual the opportunity to be in control of their own physical and...
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    Magic, Spells and Potions by Silvia Hartmann
    php file upload tutorial StarFields aka Dr Silvia Hartmann author of Adventures in EFT , Oceans of Energy & The Genius Symbols , has rewritten the foundations of Magic, Spells and Potions for the 21st century. By throwing out the dusty old spell-books and by challenging the roots, structures and beliefs of...
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    Project Sanctuary by Silvia Hartmann
    winning with the king's gambit Project Sanctuary is a unique set of processes using intention, energy and metaphor, developed by Dr Silvia Hartmann in 1993, that heals the divide between the conscious mind and the energy mind (unconscious mind, dreaming mind, subconscious mind). It is a fantastic, exciting and delightful...
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    The Dragon Lords by Silvia Hartmann
    nabh standards 3rd edition A hundred thousand years ago, planet Earth was sealed off from the rest of the multiverse and the great suffering began. But now, a Dragon Lord has come. It's time to change the world... Mind expanding modern fantasy fiction from the Naked Writer. Read on for information…
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    Adventures in EFT by Silvia Hartmann
    book of thoth crowley Learn and understand EFT with this practical and information packed manual that includes the A-Z of EFT applications and how to use this wonderful technique with a wide variety of problems. Treat yourself for sadness, anger, addictions, low self esteem and a whole lot more! Adventures In EFT is...
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    The StressFish Guide to EmoTrance by Dr Teresa Lynch
    libro el invierno del mundo The StressFish Guide to EmoTrance by Dr. Teresa Lynch has been written to be the perfect introduction to this fantastic healing modality for beginners, but also works fantastically at reminding seasoned professionals why they fell in love with EmoTrance in the first place. Available in both...
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    EFT Master Practitioner - 12 x DVD Set by Silvia Hartmann
    dare to dream life as one direction In March 2012, Silvia Hartmann (chair of The AMT & author “Energy EFT”) conducted a 3 day EFT Master Practitioner live training near London Gatwick and DragonRising took along our cameras to record the magic which was to unfold. This is now available as a 12 x DVD box set, containing over 8...
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    Your Dog & Your Baby
    politics out of history International Bestseller since 1991, now in its completely revised fifth edition. Includes detailed information and 16 step-by-step action plans on how to treat and avoid Jealousy, special pre-baby training, hygiene, safety, car training and much more. Also contains lots of Real Life...
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    EmoTrance Soften & Flow by Silvia Hartmann & Ananga Sivyer
    scan and email free Have your personal energy healing session like no other with two of the World's premier EmoTrance Trainers - Ananga Sivyer and Silvia Hartmann at your pleasure, any time, any day and as often as you require to feel your oldest burdens and troubles Soften and Flow away. 15 minutes of sheer bliss...
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    EmoTrance BeautyT - EmoTrance For Beauty From The Inside Out by Silvia Hartmann
    pirates of penzance vocal score Follow with this fascinating transcript as Dr Hartmann builds a brand new, shiny fresh and young body image from the ground up, step by step as this extraordinary training unfolds. Based on the principles of the Autogenic Universe as laid out in The Patterns Of EmoTrance, Vol. 2, BeauTyT is a...
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    The Appollonius Quartet
    a to excel crack Paranormal abilities and psychic skills arise from a co-operation between the psychic circuitry, the energy system and the active neurology. This exquisite set of hypnotic mind, body, spirit tools will SIGNIFICANTLY improve all aspects of psychic and paranormal performance by removing shields...
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